Among Us

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One of the most popular games right now of smartphone is Among Us. This is an entertaining game that has everybody engage and having fun with friends. In this game you can be a crewmate with the goal to save your ship and survive, or you can be an impostor with the goal of sabotage and kill everybody to win. With strategy, quick decision and smart wit you can easily win this game. To start you just need to download Among Us on your device and start enjoying along all your friends.

Among Us got very popular in short time. This game it is very interesting and it got very popular since you can play with friends or with random people around the world. The game in itself it is very simple, but you need to work in team to figure out who is the impostor. So, if you want to download this game right now, keep reading this post. Also, we will tell you how to play!

How to start playing this game?

Once you get this game you can easily start playing. It is very simple. You can choose to create a room, and if you do this, you can invite your friends to play with you. This will be a private room where you guys can have fun alone. But, you can also play in public mode, with people around the world. You can choose the language and then get into a room. You will play with different people all the time and have fun with them.

You can be a crewmate, and if you got this, then you need to be sure to complete all your tasks on the ship. If you complete everything, your team has more chances to win. While you do it, be careful, because the impostor can sneak in and kill you. So work fast and be prepared for everything! Work along with the team so you all can discover the impostor.

If you are the impostor, then you need to be smart and trick everybody. Kill and be sure that nobody sees you. Sneak through the hatches and try to fool everybody. To win faster, you can also sabotage the tasks that they are doing.

Our review

Among Us is a very fun game. We really love it and recommend it, we love that it is so simple to play that everybody can learn easily and start playing it. Also, it is very fun to play with friends and have fun through our devices.

How to download Among Us?

If you want to use Among Us on your device, then you can tap on the download button we have down below. This will give you the option to choose your device OS, and then it will take you to the app store that you chose. In here tap again on the download button, accept the conditions of the game and wait until it is installed. This game is completely free for Android and iOS devices, so you can get it right now.

Among Us


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