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A social media platform that is very popular and everyday gets bigger, is Instagram. This huge app has captivated the attention and love of millions of users who constantly and every day upload images and videos to share with others. It is a place to create community and show your life just as it is. Once you download Instagram you start having fun interacting with friends and other people, follow celebrities and get your Instagram feed going!

We tried this app to give a review, so in this post we will share with you all the things you can do with it, our opinion, and at the end we will also explain to you how to download Instagram on your mobile device. Keep reading this article to find out all the information about this app.

Instagram main characteristics

In Instagram you can create your own profile and share with friends and other people your pictures. Upload to your account pictures of your current life, events and situations that you want to express or share with others. You can edit your pictures on the app before posting them. Add a filters, adjust the photo just as you want it and then you can add a great caption to post.

Interact with people is the main idea of this app. You can like other people’s picture, comment on them, share them with friends or save them in your account to see it later. It is a fun way to interact with your close ones or just people in the internet. Remember, be nice and kind to everybody! Also, on the app you have the stories. These are a short video or picture shown in just a few seconds that you can share or see.

We tried this app and we love it. Actually, we have years using it because the app has come to a place where it can also be used for business. It is multi-purpose and very simple and easy to understand and use.  We recommended for personal reasons or just business, because Instagram works for everything.

How to download Instagram?

To download Instagram you just have to open the app store on your mobile device. Once you open the Google Play Store or the App Store on your phonw, you can search this app on the search bar by its name. Then tap on the Install button. You have to accept the conditions of the app and finally you will be able to download it. It will be installed and ready to use.

You can also download the app through this post. Tap on the download button we put in this article and that will lead you to the right app store for you. This is a shortcut to do the steps above.

This app is available for iOS and Android devices for free.



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