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Generally, it is not normal for an application to be removed from stores due to what its users post in it; However, this was the case with Parler, an app that has been banned in the United States and around the world. A large group of people, especially right-wing American political groups, used this app in a massive way to promote hate speech, so downloading Parler is no longer allowed.

If you want to know more information about this application, we invite you to learn more about this application, its functions and all the controversy generated.

What is Parler and why is its use prohibited?

Parler is a social network that works like a micro blog; that is, short texts can be published. Videos, photos and links to web pages can be added to these publications; users can also communicate privately through individual or group conversations. So why is Parler forbidden to download?

Everything is due to the main characteristic of this application, the unlimited freedom to publish any type of content on your server, without the risk of canceling any account or ban users. What at first seemed like an advantage ended up being the worst of the application, since it began to be used by groups that promoted racism and violence, among many other things.

The situation worsened when it was discovered that many of these groups used Parler to plan bombings and attacks, as was the case with the assault on the Capitol earlier this year. The corresponding authorities tried to ensure that the creators and moderators of the app remove this content, but they refused. This is why the application was removed from the application stores and downloading Parler is no longer possible.

Among the most important features of the application, you can find the ability to read the posts of people near you, publish multimedia content, chat with any user of the application and much more. There is still the possibility that Parler will be available again in some app stores, but first they will have to modify their policies to prevent it from being used to promote hate.

How to download Parler?

Due to all the controversy that this application generated, it is no longer available for download. This means that you will not be able to download Parler on the Play Store, App Store or Fire Store at the moment. The creators of this application have announced that they are working to restore the application and make it available again on the aforementioned platforms; when Parler can be downloaded again, we will announce it.

Parler used to function as a free application that could be accessed through the internet. The idea of ​​the application was interesting at first, but its users used it to promote hate movements and generate controversy; Furthermore, its creators and moderators seem to support such movements, which it achieved in the app's ban.



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