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One of the necessary apps that every Android device needs to have is the Google Play Store. This is a great tool and system that makes the smartphone work perfectly with all the apps. This app normally comes installed in all devices, but for some reason it can get deleted or not come at all. So, if you are looking to install or re-install this app, on this post we will explain you how to do this. Once you download Play Store again, you will be able to download all the apps and content you want.

Normally we post review, but on this occasion, we will just share with you why you should have this app installed all the time and how to do it through this article.

Why is it necessary to have this app installed?

Google Play Store is basically the system that every Android phone need to update, download apps and keep your device working perfectly. Through this platform you can get different tools, games, apps, music, movies, and books easily. You can find items that are free or you can buy others. However, this is the only platform that is completely safe four your device and it is developed to synchronize all your information and the apps.

This app is also necessary to install the updates of the apps. Each app needs constant updates so they can work properly. The only way to get this new features is through this app, which will be in charge of downloading and installing those updates automatically. If you don’t have the Play Store, the rest of the apps won’t have a way to download new updates and you will have the older versions for too long.

Having old versions of apps is also risky, since some hackers can figure out ways to find loopholes on the app and get in. This is why updates are important. Not only they fixed bugs on the app, but also security issues that can be there.

How to download Play Store?

There are two ways to download this app. You can download Play Store automatically when one of your current apps asks you for an update. When this happens, the app will automatically detect that you don’t have the Play Store installed and it will downloaded for you. This is a right and safe way to do this, since it will download the app from a safe source. Once this happens, you will get the app installed and the other apps can get updates.

Another way to do this is by downloading it from external sources. This is not an option that we recommend since it can be risky. If you want to use this option, we strongly advise you to find a trustful source where you can get the app. However, we still recommend the first option best.

Once you get the app on your device, you will be able to download everything you need, from apps, games, movies, music and more.

Play Store


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