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Currently the most popular way to watch movies and series is through streaming platforms such as Netflix, HBO Max or Disney +; If you are a lover of this type of digital content and do not want to miss any news, you have to check out Star+, the new streaming platform launched by Disney, where you can find famous series and movies, as well as exclusive content. Start right now to discover everything this series has to offer you.

Star+ is a series and movie platform that is quite similar to the best-known ones on the market; This app was born after Disney acquired the Fox company, along with the rest of its production companies, and became a version of Disney+ with content aimed mainly at adults. In this app you will be able to find many of the most popular movies and series, so it is worth trying it.

If you want to know more about Star+ and everything this app has to offer, we invite you to continue reading this post. Star+ is available for Android and iOS devices, and you can download it through Google Play and the App Store. Of course, you can also access the platform through your computer and some Smart TV or streaming devices.

Get to know Star+ and everything that this app has for its users

In the Star+ catalog you can find some of the great classics in movies and series of all time, as well as new productions and productions that have been created exclusively for this platform. This app contains most of the movies, shows and animated series that were produced by Fox, 20th Century Studio and any of the production companies of this company.

After Disney bought Fox, the company was renamed Star and in August 2021 a new streaming platform called Star+ was launched. Like the rest of the platforms of this type, in order to access the Star+ catalog you will have to pay a subscription. The platform offers different plans for you and your family to enjoy all the content you like.

Find your favorite shows and movies, as well as exclusive productions on Star+

Some of the most popular movies and series that you can find on Star+ are: Deadpool and Deadpool 2, Alien, Die Hard, all the seasons of The Simpsons, American Horror Story, Bob's Burger, The Walking Dead, Grey's Anatomy, The Walking Dead, Modern Family, Jojo Rabbit and many more. You can also find many exclusive productions that have been released only on this platform.

One of the best features of Star+, which is not shared with any other streaming platform, is that in this app you can enjoy sports content from ESPN, from talk shows to live matches of all your favorite sports. If you are a sports lover, you have to download this app right now.

Download Star+ on your mobile device and start enjoying everything this app has to offer. Download your favorite movies or series to watch offline and stay up to date with all the news in this app.


Since most of the content on Star+ is aimed primarily at an adult audience, the app has different controls to block certain movies and shows from children and teenagers. When creating a new profile it is possible to establish the age of the user and only options will appear in the catalog for those ages.


Star+ is a streaming platform launched in 2021 where you can find all the content of the former Fox company, as well as being the only app of its kind that allows you to watch live sports content and matches.



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