Uninstall Apps on iOS

No matter if you have an iPhone or an iPad, it is possible that you have many apps install. Something good about iOS devices is that they have a lot of storage space to use and we can download many apps in them. However, sometimes we can also feel the need to uninstall some of them, or maybe we reach the storage limit and we need to start cleaning a bit. Luckily, iOS devices have a very simple system to delete and uninstall apps in just a few taps.

If you want to know more about how to delete apps on your smartphone or tablet, keep reading. We will tell you two methods to do this and we will explain to you step by step everything.

Deleting apps on your iOS device

You can uninstall apps very easily on your device. There are two ways. The first one, you just need to locate the icon of the app you want to delete in the app menu. Now, press it for a few seconds and you will see that at the top of the screen, it will appear a trash can icon. If you drag the app up to the top of the screen, then you will delete the app easily. The device will do the rest of the work in just a few seconds.

The process we just mentioned is the fastest way to delete some app. However, you can do it differently. The second method is through the Settings. So, to do this, go to the settings option and look for the Applications option. Tap on it, and you will see a list of all the app you have install. Look for the ones you want to delete, and tap on them. Now you will see the delete button, so just tap on it and the app will be uninstalled easily.

With both methods you will be able to uninstall any app that you want. However, there are some apps that maybe will cause some troubles for you.

Can I delete Apple apps that came with the phone?

A frequently asked question is that we can delete the Apple apps that come with the phone. And the short answer is no. These apps are pre-install apps and are Apple’s tool that come with the device system. Different from Android devices, there is no way we can hack our iOS device to delete these apps.

So, instead, we recommend you to just look for the details of these apps and delete the cache. You can also disable the app, so it won’t get updates or download information. By doing this, you will make sure that you delete some information to free some space, and that the app won’t download anything anymore.

This is the only solution for these apps on iOS devices, and we can guarantee you that by doing this you can save some space on your device and install new apps that you do use.